PLC Programming

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming is the process of implementing a highly specialised & bespoke operating system to control machinery in real time.

Like any modern piece of technology, without the correct programming, the robot cells, tooling and other hardware would be inefficient e.g. cycle time, therefore, it is crucial to have the right programmers for each project to avoid costly errors. Unlike many other automotive organisations, I.Rob has in-house specialist programmers who have extensive experience of programming multiple automation projects for a wide variety of applications and can provide bespoke tailor-made solutions to help achieve your needs.

Our programmers work very closely with the designers and engineers throughout each project so have a thorough understanding of each project and the required objectives from the very beginning. Having the in-house programming team makes the process of each project run much more efficiently by enabling our team to plan ahead, keep up with any amendments made during the design, installation and testing processes.

HMI Programming

HMI (Human Machine Interface) programming works in conjunction with PLC programming and provides a visual interface between a user and the machine to monitor and control what is happening; also known as the control panel.
Our in-house programmers are capable of seamlessly integrating HMIs into your system, providing you with all the information and control you need.