To be successful, we believe that every project needs to have a robust plan and management strategy to ensure the smooth running of the project from start to end.
We provide a comprehensive project planning and management service to give you peace of mind that nothing is left to chance, providing peace of mind and the greatest levels of efficiency.

A typical plan would start with:

Pre Project Audit

The first step in any I.Rob project is for us to conduct a comprehensive audit to identify any issues and assess your wants & needs.

Project Plan

Following our initial audit, we will design bespoke solutions to fit your requirements and achieve your goals.

We will manage every stage of the project including software design, hardware design, fabrications, installation, testing & commissioning.
This service allows you to focus on your primary business objectives.

Post Project Support

Our service doesn’t end once the project has been commissioned; we offer a comprehensive training & support programme to ensure all users are completely up to standard and know how to operate each system safely. Once final handover has been completed, we remain in close contact to ensure the system continues to achieve the objectives it was designed for and to suggest further improvements in the event of new requirements, processes or technology becoming available.

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