iRob design, fabricate, install and program bespoke automated systems, from single robots to multi-robot cells and line facilities. We also re-engineer and upgrade existing robots and control systems to increase efficiency, reduce cycle times or even work with new products or processes, such as model changes within the automotive industry or where we have identified a better process using existing equipment.

Having the correct programming is critical to the function of any automated facility and we have a highly skilled and experienced in-house programming team with previous projects including systems for handling, welding, assembly, bonding & riveting and more. In short, we have the programming skills and experience to automate your tasks in the most efficient way possible.

By working very closely with our clients, we're able to fully understand their business needs and objectives and provide the perfect solutions to achieve their goals.
We have vast experience of providing solutions to some of the world’s most successful and prestigious brands, including Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Bentley to name just a few and offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for our clients.

iRob projects have been used with great benefits to our clients, including increasing efficiency, reducing cycle times, reducing overheads, increase volumes and more.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our services and to arrange a consultation.

Here's a great video showing one of our automated robot projects in action.